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HAXXOM : Security & Business intelligence Consultancy


HAXXOM is a strategic consultancy firm specialising in Security and Business intelligence

HAXXOM is a strategic consultancy firm specialising in security and business intelligence, working with companies of all sizes, public agencies, institutions and NGOs to secure their continued growth and development in France and internationally.


Our work: constructing security and business intelligence strategies to boost your development


HAXXOM handles the extremely sensitive subjects of security, business intelligence and risk management with professionalism, lucidity and humility. Whatever the sector of activity, the scale, the history and the stakes involved, we work to ensure that our expertise is a strategic asset for your business. Tailored to your structure and environment, our bespoke solutions allow you to effectively manage risk and related costs, reassure staff about their security, and present a strong image of dependability to your clients, partners and shareholders.

Our vision: making security a vital asset, at the heart of business strategy

For HAXXOM, security is not just a matter of investing more money on new equipment. Security needs to be understood as an essential pillar of your company's overall strategy, with its own clearly-defined objectives.

That's why HAXXOM's agents all have a dual expertise: as well as being specialists in security and business intelligence, they have all held senior managerial posts allowing them to develop a 360° understanding of business and the pressures of the professional environment. This detailed understanding of the responsibilities, stakes and constraints faced by managers and decision-makers allows us to develop security and business intelligence strategies that are pertinent, cohesive and capable of adding value to your business.

To achieve this goal, we work in close collaboration with managers, executive board members and decision-makers.x


Our goal: innovate in order to make security a key factor in your success


In our complex economic environment, a single security weakness can have immediate and significant consequences which can threaten the fundamental stability of your company. Nonetheless, in this hyper-competitive context, companies need to keep taking risks in order to develop and grow.


HAXXOM works hand-in-hand with clients to manage risk in a strategic, pragmatic manner, leaving nothing to chance. Our innovative approach to security can help you retain the support of your stakeholders, maintain the trust of your team, keep public opinion on your side, and confidently expand into new markets. Your security strategy thus becomes a key factor in your success, enabling you to develop an invaluable competitive advantage.


Our values: the philosophy which drives our network of experts


  • Creativity: utilising tried-and-tested methodological tools while also developing original, innovative solutions, specifically tailored to each situation;

  • Listening: showing respect for individuals, their convictions and their ideas, adapting our work and demonstrating flexibility in leadership, building collective solutions;

  • Action: translating ideas into concrete actions and changes, proposing functional and pragmatic solutions, delivering economically-quantifiable results;

  • Trust: maintaining maximum confidentiality, building relationships based on trust, demonstrating our commitment to transparency in our methods and costs;

  • Integrity: working responsibly and honestly, with sound ethical values and total commitment to the interests of our clients;

  • Superior standards: delivering targeted, long-term, made-to-measure solutions of impeccable quality.


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Introducing HAXXOM

The management team


What is security?


Security covers all of the human, material and organisational measures put in place to protect your operations against malicious human activity.

Contrary to safety concerns, security issues are always the result of voluntary, malicious actions. Examples of security situations: aggressive behaviour, sabotage, theft, attacks, terrorism etc.


Safety, meanwhile, covers all of the human, material, organisational and technical measures put in place to protect your operations against technical, physical, chemical, environmental and other risks with the potential to harm persons or property.

Examples of potential risks: fire, workplace accidents, hygiene, ergonomic issues and postural problems, natural disasters etc.