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Jean-Jacques Richard is determined to make security a source of competitive advantage for businesses

11/04/2014 par HAXXOM


Security and defence expert Jean-Jacques Richard today announced the launch of HAXXOM, a new consultancy firm specialising in security and defence strategies. HAXXOM specialises in risk prevention and the definition of security strategies designed to protect the people and interests of businesses and organisations of all sizes. Firmly convinced that security should be seen as a crucial element of corporate governance, Jean-Jacques Richard is committed to offering an innovative approach. His aim is to highlight the importance of security to business development, making it a source of competitive advantage.



Decision-makers are gradually coming to realise the importance of security issues


We need only watch the news to be regularly reminded of how vulnerable businesses can be to the growing number of malicious attacks. There are any number of incidents which may affect businesses and their employees directly (theft, scams, data theft, financial fraud, ethical issues, industrial espionage, fraud, counterfeiting etc.) or indirectly (terrorism, geopolitical instability etc.).

A few years ago, security was rarely considered a top priority by business leaders and decision-makers. Few companies were prepared to make the investments required to protect against the potential risks they faced. Nowadays, French firms are gradually coming to realise the importance of security, catching up to the progress already made in English-speaking corporate culture. Businesses no longer rely exclusively on government protection. They are becoming active participants in the security process, acting and investing to reduce uncertainty, bringing the accompanying risks and costs under control, reassuring employees and protecting their safety, and in doing so securing their future development. Recent examples demonstrate how neglecting security or under-estimating risks can have immediate and significant consequences, even threatening the fundamental stability of the companies affected.

Security is an extremely sensitive subject, and one which often remains shrouded in uncertainty. In founding HAXXOM, I hope to make my own modest contribution to transforming the way businesses understand security, highlighting its importance as a source of added value.


Jean-Jacques Richard explains: “Businesses need to be bold and take risks in order to stay competitive. But by taking the necessary precautions to control those risks, they can secure their future.”


In order to meet this growing demand, HAXXOM offers expert support and advice at every level of security and defence processes: audit and support missions, risk management, general security strategies, aviation security, crisis management, training and awareness sessions focusing on security best practices.


Making security work for business, as a source of competitive advantage


For HAXXOM, security is not simply a matter of investing in facilities and equipment. Security needs to be meaningful, prioritised as a key component of your business strategy with its own precise ambitions and objectives.

Hence Jean-Jacques Richard’s decision to recruit a team of consultants who all have a dual expertise: as well as being specialists in security and defence, they have all held senior managerial posts allowing them to develop a 360° understanding of business and the pressures of the professional environment. This detailed understanding of the responsibilities, stakes and constraints faced by managers and decision-makers allows HAXXOM to develop security and defence strategies that are pertinent, cohesive and capable of creating value for organisations.

Jean-Jacques Richard adds: “An effective security strategy can rapidly become a source of competitive advantage for businesses, because competitiveness depends upon earning the trust of your employees, shareholders, partners and clients.”


Situations requiring HAXXOM’s expertise

Opening an office or deploying staff in sensitive parts of the world, checking the effectiveness and implementation of security plans at industrial facilities, ports and airports, concerns about potential flaws in security processes, assessing the reliability of aviation security systems, theft, the need to protect sensitive information or to combat reported or suspected cases of fraud, counterfeiting, bribery, corruption…

The list is far from exhaustive, because the risks faced by organisations today are increasingly numerous and complex.




A graduate of HEC, INHESJ (the French National Institute for Advanced Studies in Law and Justice), IHEDN (National Institute for Advanced Defence Studies), ENAC (the National School of Civil Aviation) and the CNPP (National Centre for Prevention and Protection), Jean-Jacques Richard also holds Master’s degrees in Risk Engineering and Business intelligence. He has devoted the majority of his career to the protection and defence of people, businesses and institutions.

By putting security strategies at the heart of companies’ over-arching strategic plans,
Jean-Jacques Richard has demonstrated that it is possible to innovate and create value in this sensitive field. His hard work and innovation have seen him occupy a series of highly-strategic senior management roles: advisor to the board of ELF-AQUITAINE, CEO of an Business intelligence consultancy, president of the Security Commission for the transport federation TLF, Director of Security and Business intelligence then General Business Director for TNT Express France…
In 2014, Jean-Jacques Richard founded HAXXOM and became the company’s first president.

Freight security: why and how? – TLF
La Sûreté en Entreprise – Edition Dalian (co-author)


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