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Team building

There's no getting round it: security is a subject which can often seem intimidating, or even boring. The issues at stake are not well understood in many sectors of the economy, and the activities of the security industry remain shrouded in a certain sense of mystery.


Rising to this challenge, with the ambition of promoting a genuine culture of security for all, HAXXOM has developed a range of services designed to make security issues accessible and comprehensible to non-specialists. The idea is to raise awareness, in an original manner, of just how important security can be for the future of your activities.  


And what better way to learn than by spending a fun and constructive day with your colleagues? We are firm believers in the benefits of learning through fun, with a range of team building activities designed to make security accessible to all.


Constructed around challenges both physical and intellectual, these exercises help to boost the cohesive spirit of your team while introducing them to some of the fundamental principles of security in the broadest sense of the word.

HAXXOM, a listed training institute

Registered with the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes regional authorities, No. 84691473569.
This registration is not equivalent to government accreditation

Our range of team building exercises