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Terrorist threat awareness


We need only watch the news to be reminded with depressing regularity of the troubled times in which we live: in the West and in many other parts of the world, the terrorist menace can strike anywhere, any time. While some countries (Israel, for example) have been dealing with similar problems for decades, and have developed a high level of societal resilience, the cosseted nature of our western societies makes our businesses and institutions particularly vulnerable to this threat. 


In keeping with our commitment to promoting the culture of security within businesses and institutions, HAXXOM has developed a programme of terrorist threat awareness training designed to prepare your organisation to deal with one of the most critical situations it is ever likely to face. Our goal is simple: to help you to minimise the impact of such events on the security of your employees and your activities.

The benefits of HAXXOM's training solutions

  • A multi-disciplinary team of counter-terrorism experts, psychologists and emergency response specialists, offering the most comprehensive training possible.
  • Compact, educational sessions focusing on participants' main security priorities
  • Made-to-measure solutions tailored to your operational and budgetary constraints

HAXXOM, a listed training institute

Registered with the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes regional authorities, No. 84691473569.
This registration is not equivalent to government accreditation


Understanding the terrorist threat

  • Analysing the exposure of your organisation to terrorist threats (probability, seriousness, criticality)
  • Types of targets primarily threatened by Islamist terrorism
  • Different categories of terrorists
  • Modus operandi of terrorist attacks
  • Direct and indirect consequences of terrorist activities

Facing up to the terrorist threat

  • Planning and procedures:
    • Strategy and tactics
    • Counter-measures
    • Awareness
    • Exercises and simulations
  • Responding to incidents
    • Effective responses
    • Advice and recommendations

Training in emergency first aid techniques

  • First aid for physical wounds
    • Types of wound
    • Categories of victims
    • First aid: top priorities
  • Dealing with psychological damage
    • Treating and monitoring trauma
Target audience
Executives, managers, directors, employees
Max. 10-20 per session
1 day (approx. 7 hours)
Lyon, Paris or on your premises
Documents and certificates
  • Summary booklet
  • Guideline sheets
  • Training certificate