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Overall security awareness


Many people see security as a complex matter best left to the professionals. Contrary to this elitist view, it is our firm conviction that no organisation - whatever its size, form or purpose - can hope to achieve a satisfactory level of security without being closely involved on all fronts.

For HAXXOM, training and educating your employees about security concerns and best practices is a crucial step in the deployment of a comprehensive security strategy.

The benefits of HAXXOM's training solutions

  • Hardened experts with a forensic understanding of the complex security issues faced by businesses and institutions
  • Compact, educational training and awareness sessions focusing on participants' main security priorities
  • Made-to-measure solutions tailored to your operational and budgetary constraints

HAXXOM, a listed training institute

Registered with the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes regional authorities, No. 84691473569.
This registration is not equivalent to government accreditation


Fundamental principles of security

  • The difference between safety and security
  • Distinguishing between risks and threats
  • Risk analysis (probability, seriousness, criticality)
  • Consequences of malicious actions
  • Different categories of malicious forces
  • The operating methods of malicious forces
  • Counter-measures: strategies and tactics
Target audience
Executives, managers, directors, employees
Max. 10-20 per session
1 day (approx. 7 hours)
Lyon, Paris or on your premises
Documents and certificates
  • Summary booklet
  • Guideline sheets
  • Training certificate