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Handling aggressive behaviour


Disgruntled clients, incivilities, aggressive behaviour, interpersonal conflict etc. These are incidents and issues which can affect all businesses and institutions. If not managed effectively, such conflicts can expose your organisation to unwanted consequences: lost work days, deterioration of the professional environment, a persistent or increased sense of insecurity, a downturn in the quality of service etc.

Because dealing with such situations requires a methodical approach and considerable know-how, HAXXOM helps train your employees to respond effectively in order to maintain the stability your business requires to thrive.

The benefits of HAXXOM's training solutions

  • Training sessions led by qualified specialists, widely-respected for their experience, teaching abilities and personal qualities.
  • An approach which combines theoretical reflection with practical situation training
  • A made-to-measure approach based on your professional priorities, for immediate operational deployment

HAXXOM, a listed training institute

Registered with the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes regional authorities, No. 84691473569.
This registration is not equivalent to government accreditation


Dealing with aggressive behaviour and verbal abuse

  • Understanding and analysing the processes and factors which lead to aggressive behaviour
  • Reacting professionally, knowing your limits
  • How to use non-violent communication
  • The importance of asserting yourself
  • Dealing with anxiety after the incident

Prevention and controlled intervention

  • Identifying "difficult" profiles
  • Identifying different communication vectors (verbal and non-verbal)
  • The concept of "assertive communication"
  • Understanding and utilising active listening
  • Understanding and utilising emotional
  • intelligence


  • During these practical exercises, our training experts analyse and correct participants' responses to conflict situations


Target audience
Executives, managers, reception staff, employees in contact with the public
Max. 10 per session
1 day (approx. 7 hours)
Lyon, Paris or on your premises
Documents and certificates
  • Summary booklet
  • Guideline sheets
  • Training certificate