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Awareness of professional and cultural practices


In an era of globalized competition where the slightest error can have serious consequences, understanding the cultural sensibilities of your current and potential clients can be an invaluable asset. While the first priority is always to avoid an embarrassing faux-pas, a solid understanding of your contacts' customs and practices can also give you a considerable competitive edge over your rivals.

In order to help you conquer new international markets, HAXXOM has developed a range of cultural awareness training modules designed to equip your team to navigate the subtleties of human relationships in foreign countries. Constructed on a case-by-case basis, tailored to the nationalities of your contacts and the specificities of your professional activity, these sessions provide all the tools and tips you need to ensure successful interactions with foreign partners.

The benefits of HAXXOM's training solutions

  • Training led by experts with extensive professional experience in the countries in question

  • Compact, educational sessions focusing on participants' main communication priorities (including sector-specific concerns)

  • Made-to-measure solutions tailored to your operational and budgetary constraints

HAXXOM, a listed training institute

Registered with the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes regional authorities, No. 84691473569.
This registration is not equivalent to government accreditation


Extensive presentation of the country(countries) and/or city(cities) in question

  • Historical, cultural, social and religious overview
  • Review of the current political and geopolitical situation
  • Analysis of the economic context

Presentation of the business environment and culture

  • Major legal considerations
  • Level of corruption
  • Information security threats

Safety briefing

  • Identifying threats applicable to ex-pats and business travellers
  • Identifying "day-to-day risks" (delinquency and petty crime, road safety, infrastructure safety)
  • Main counter-measures to protect against risks and threats

Practical training module: the business environment

  • Specific cultural features of the local society and business community
  • Best practices and behaviours to adopt


Target audience
All employees required to travel overseas, particularly in at-risk zones
Max. 10 per session
½ day (approx. 4 hours)
Lyon, Paris or on your premises
Documents and Certificates
  • Guideline sheets
  • Training certificate