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International security training

Globalisation has given many companies the opportunity to conquer new markets around the world, but it also requires more business trips to countries where you don't always know the language or local customs, not to mention the administrative and legal constraints you might face.


In the vast majority of cases, business trips go off without a hitch. But wherever you are in the world, an incident might occur at any moment, whether through bad luck or something more sinister. Of course most of the risks faced by ex-pats and business travellers (theft, violent attacks, scams, arbitrary arrest, kidnapping, terrorism etc.) could just as well arise during a business trip in France. But when such rare incidents occur overseas, the added constraints only serve to make a bad situation worse.


In order to deal with the added uncertainty engendered by overseas business travel, companies need to be thoroughly prepared to deal with all sorts of incidents, limiting the potential impact on their employees, first and foremost, and on their business in general.


In order to reduce the exposure of your employees required to travel abroad, HAXXOM offers training packages designed to improve their understanding of the risks they may face.

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Our international security training