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Crisis management training

Crises are, by definition, unpredictable. And when they arise they are generally the source of considerable stress, emotional pressure and disruption, with negative consequences which can threaten the reputation and even the long-term future of the institution concerned. Hence the importance of businesses and institutions being sufficiently prepared to deploy immediate, pertinent responses commensurate with the type and severity of crisis encountered.


Crisis management is not something you can afford to make up as you go along. It requires careful forward planning, and the presence of a clear crisis management strategy, with forward planning for potential scenarios, clear action strategies and a crisis response team. Above and beyond the essential preparation required for a smooth response, effective crisis management requires staff to be trained and ready to deal with a variety of challenging scenarios.


Crisis management is all about ensuring that, when the time comes, your company, your directors and your representatives are ready and able to make the right decisions, present the right messages internally and externally, and act methodically and intelligently to restore order and trust in the long term.


In order to help you prepare for and deal with critical solutions calmly and effectively, HAXXOM has developed a range of specialist training modules led by experienced professionals.

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Our crisis management training programmes