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Our Partners

Providing our clients with the most advanced and pertinent expertise available is our sole objective.

With this goal in mind, HAXXOM has launched a programme of strategic partnerships in order to offer comprehensive responses to the huge variety of security issues and related problems encountered by clients.

We are committed to seeking out partners whose expertise and professionalism are compatible with HAXXOM’s strict values.


cybersécuritéCylresc is a firm specialising in cyber-security.

Their team of experts are all highly-motivated and devoted to their mission.
Cylresc works with businesses on all aspects of cyber-security, assessing the robustness of information systems via audits and intrusion tests.
In response to the recent cyber-attacks which have swept across Europe, Cylresc’s audit experts have been working tirelessly to provide their clients with the best possible support and advice, optimising their protection systems with the latest state of the art technological solutions.

Find out more: www.cylresc.eu