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Overall security

Fierce competition, professional criminality, political instability in certain parts of the world... In such challenging conditions, businesses require a constant and comprehensive strategic awareness, taking all necessary measures to prevent incidents and protect their interests.
Protecting and defending a company and its employees requires strategies and resources which are tailored not just to the business environment, but also to the malicious forces, risks and threats identified.


Expert responses to your security and defence questions


In this challenging environment, HAXXOM helps you to identify, understand and define comprehensive security and defence strategies. We work closely with you to plan and coordinate corrective actions and measures, responding to the priorities identified by your company's directors and shareholders.


Contrary to safety concerns, security issues are always the result of voluntary, malicious actions.


HAXXOM's targeted interventions for overall security:

  • Audits of headquarters, sensitive sites, facilities open to the public, industrial facilities, ports and airports
  • Assistance with project management and commissioning
  • Security engineering for major projects
  • Support with tendering processes and the drafting of technical specifications 
  • Approved security service providers (security guards, CCTV, equipment etc.)
  • Drafting security guidelines
  • Drafting security rules and procedures
  • Drafting continuity plans
  • Recruitment of security managers or directors
  • Combating fraud and inventory shrinkage
  • Protection of information
  • Testing for vulnerabilities and physical intrusion weak points
  • Selection, recruitment and training of safety and security personnel
  • Detection and protection against electronic intrusion (detecting illegal surveillance and taking appropriate counter-measures)
  • Security of confidential events and actions (negotiations, strategy meetings, new projects etc.)

Two levels of security audit

These two levels of security audit are applicable to all premises and facilities:
headquarters, sensitive sites, facilities open to the public, industrial facilities, ports and airports etc.

Level 1

This approach is well-suited to security audits which must cover a large number of sites in a short period of time, and is also ideal for smaller organisations.

The security audit includes:

Risk analysis
150 key questions

Vulnerabilities and recommendations

General overview

This security audit provides a rapid analytical overview of the current situation and the measures required

Duration: 2 days
(including the site visit and drafting of the report)

Level 2

This approach is recommended for sensitive sites or facilities which have been targeted by malicious activities.

The security audit includes:

3D modelling of the site
Analysis of risks and threats
Analysis of recent malicious activity
Analysis of the site's operating environment
Analysis of key flows
Analysis of mechanical and electronic protection capabilities
Analysis of human resources dedicated to security and protection
Analysis of procedures and protocols
Analysis of crisis and continuity plans
Identification of vulnerabilities and recommendations for all of the points listed above

Duration: 5 days on site (not including the report drafting process)

Our overall security services

Client's requirements

Following a major armed robbery on a warehouse storing merchandise of significant value, a French company asked us to audit the site and its security procedures, with a view to totally overhauling their security guidelines.

HAXXOM's solution

  • 360° security audit Identification of vulnerabilities,
  • Implementation of guidelines
  • Screening of new service providers
  • Deployment of recommended solutions
  • Training for key personnel
  • Monitoring implementations

Client's requirements

A major client came to us looking to ascertain whether or not the security measures in place in its premises open to the public were effective, and whether or not the procedures and protocols in place were being followed correctly, particularly by the various sub-contractors charged with overseeing security.

HAXXOM's solution

  • "Mystery shopper" audits and "real-life" tests of how security agents and personnel reacted to irregular situations.

  • Recommendations made on how to correct the problems identified.

Client's requirements

The executive committee of a company with over 50 sites in France came to us looking to obtain a forensically-clear overview of security conditions in all of these locations.

HAXXOM's solution

  • "Flash" security audits of all 50 sites, to meet the time constraints

  • Identification of major vulnerabilities and drafting of recommendations

  • Presentation of conclusions to the executive committee

  • Creation of a new security strategy

Client's requirements

A company operating in the luxury sector wanted to:
Establish a thoroughly exhaustive list of all of the risks and threats which might
directly or indirectly affect the company
Identify the women and men of key strategic importance to the business.

HAXXOM's solution

  • Individual interviews with the members of the board of directors

  • Sensitivity to the company's different professional activities via "embedded" observation.

  • Mapping risks and threats, and establishing the critical threat level of each risk at a specific moment in time.

  • Introduction of a new tool allowing for real-time tracking of the identified risks and threats, as well as the emergence of new risks.

Client's requirements

Educating supervisors and executives about different risks, and their direct and indirect impact on the company's staff and operations.

HAXXOM's solution

  • Training selected supervisors and executives by focusing on concrete examples

  • Organisation of "serious games" focusing on risk management

Client's requirements

Following the attacks of 13th November 2015, the board of directors of a large French group wanted to know whether or not it was worthwhile assigning one or more security personnel to guard the company's CEO.

HAXXOM's solution

  • Identification of risks and threats to the president and those around him

  • Identification of vulnerabilities, recommendations

  • Drafting of a crisis strategy to be activated if the general security situation deteriorates.

  • Conclusions presented to the board of directors

Client's requirements

A very prominent mid-size company wanted to establish a cartographic analysis of the risks and threats it faces in Africa, introducing new personal protection protocols for employees visiting the riskiest countries.

HAXXOM's solution

Selecting and coordinating a private security contractor capable of providing the required services in the areas in question.

Client's requirements

A French group approached us in order to conduct a "clandestine" evaluation of the personal protection set-up put in place to protect the company's president.

HAXXOM's solution

Deployment of a "clandestine" operation to assess the efficacy of the current set-up, focusing particularly on the following key phases:

  • Reconnaissance
  • Arrival and departure
  • Protection of the VIP vehicle by a back-up car and motorcycle outrider
  • Deployment and discretion of this set-up in public places
  • Reactions of the security set-up to irregular situations staged by our agents

The evaluation process took 15 days

Client's requirements

Following a spate of recurring problems in its security department, a French group called on HAXXOM to:
- deal with all of the problems already identified
- handle the outsourcing of security operations.

HAXXOM's solution

  • Security audits for all sites, direct communication with directors

  • Appointment of a security officer for each site

  • Consolidation of security budgets from the previous few years, to obtain budget guidelines Creation of a standard budget

  • Comprehensive security strategy drafted and presented to the board of directors

  • Validation of security guidelines

  • Drafting of technical specifications and calls for tender, seeking to identify competent security companies and suppliers

  • Screening of sub-contractors

    Drafting of contracts

  • Training/awareness campaigns on security issues for all interested parties

  • Monitoring and management of regulatory matters specific to each country

  • Continued monitoring of security matters for the group

Client's requirements

HAXXOM was approached by the financial director of a very large company, to advise on how best to optimise the budget of the security department without compromising the level of security.

HAXXOM's solution

  • Analysis of the OPEX and CAPEX budgets for the past 3 years

  • Analysis of risks and threats

  • Various options for budget optimisation, without undermining the overall security level.

Client's requirements

The executive committee of a French group asked HAXXOM to audit the organisational, budgetary and operational performance of its security department.

HAXXOM's solution

  • Analysis of the overall organisation

  • Analysis of the OPEX and CAPEX budgets for the past 3 years

  • Analysis of the cases handled over the past 5 years

  • Analysis of the internal processes used by the security department

  • Interviews with all members of the security department

  • Interviews with the directors/users of the security department

  • Comments and proposals