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International security

Have you spotted a growth opportunity in a sensitive part of the world, with plans to open a subsidiary office or buy out a local company? Does your company have ex-pats posted abroad, or send employees (with or without their families) regularly or occasionally on missions in at-risk countries or zones for which you lack sufficient information?


Extensive experience forged in some of the most risk-exposed parts of the world has allowed HAXXOM to develop a particular expertise in the management of security issues in risky environments, providing essential support for international projects.


Experts in international development


HAXXOM can help you to identify the specific risks liable to affect your development, working with you to create a controlled, secure environment and providing advice, teaching materials and operational support.


Understanding the local context and minimising the risks to which your business is exposed are essential requirements for the success of any international development project.


Taking risks is part of the audacious attitude a company needs to survive. By taking the necessary precautions to control these risks, you can guarantee your future prosperity.


HAXXOM's targeted interventions for international security:

  • Drafting of situation reports: geopolitical, economic, military, cultural, ethnic and security conditions, current state of play in conflict situations, recurring or occasional flare-ups of tension, healthcare conditions, infrastructure analysis...
  • Organisation, preparation and security management for group visits: seminars, conferences and other events in foreign countries
  • Organisation, preparation and security management for business trips made by executives and staff
  • Analysis of country-specific risks and threats
  • Assessment of threat levels in real time
  • Monitoring of conflicts and crises
  • Tailored support when planning trips, with specific reference to conditions on the ground in the country/region in question (safety procedures, local movements, emergency response procedures, local risks etc.)
  • Training for your staff, focusing on the risks involved in doing business in hostile environments (conflict zones, civil wars, extreme weather conditions etc.)
  • Procedures for providing rapid assistance to ex-pats in crisis situations
  • Information security training for frequent travellers
  • Protection for ex-pats and their families
  • Analysis of local developments

Our international security services

Client's requirements

While preparing for a "road trip" through several African nations, the chief of staff of one client sought our help in order to obtain:

  • "country files" summarising the specific risks and threats inherent to each country
  • a clear and precise overview of the problems likely to be encountered by the group's operational subsidiaries.

HAXXOM's Solution

  • Preparation of "country files," updated regularly
  • Interviews with all major stakeholders in order to identify potential underlying problems
  • Identification of problematic situations liable to arise during the trip, and preparation of targeted corrective measures
  • Protocol management

Client's requirements

A subsidiary of a French group operating in another European country had been experiencing a suspiciously high level of inventory shrinkage for several months.

HAXXOM's Solution

  • Auditing and revision of internal procedures and orders Interviews with concerned parties on site
  • Segmentation of the problems encountered and identification of potential scenarios
  • Corrective measures (HR, technical and organisational)
  • Auditing and revision of internal procedures and orders

Client's requirements

A French group with numerous subsidiaries in Europe was looking to centralise and standardise its security policy at corporate HQ, in France

HAXXOM's Solution

  • "Flash" audits of all subsidiaries, direct communication with directors
  • Appointment of a security correspondent for each site
  • Consolidation of security budgets from the previous few years, to obtain budget guidelines Creation of a standard budget
  • Comprehensive security strategy drafted and presented to the board of directors
  • Validation of security guidelines
  • Drafting of technical specifications and calls for tender, seeking to identify competent security companies and suppliers
  • Screening of sub-contractors
  • Drafting of contracts
  • Training/awareness campaigns on security issues for all interested parties
  • Monitoring and management of regulatory matters specific to each country
  • Continued monitoring of security matters for the group
  • Continued monitoring of security matters for the group