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Crisis management

How do you deal with a crisis?


Crises are, by definition, unpredictable. And when they arise they are generally the source of considerable stress, emotional pressure and disruption, with consequences which can threaten the reputation and even the long-term future of your business.

Companies confronted with crisis situations need to be able to deploy immediate, effective responses which are commensurate with the type and level of threat encountered.


Expert support for effective crisis management


HAXXOM is a strategic consultancy firm specialising in security and business intelligence, helping you to manage crises and sensitive situations by deploying targeted responses tailored to the circumstances, allowing you to be ultra-responsive in crisis scenarios.


HAXXOM has the capacity to rapidly assemble dedicated crisis management teams (coordinators, press officers, specialist journalists, psychologists etc.).


Crisis management strategy


Crisis management is not something you can afford to make up as you go along. It requires careful forward planning, and the presence of a clear crisis management strategy.


Effective preparation for crisis management requires you to outline potential scenarios, determine plans of action and identify solutions, establish the core membership of crisis response cells, provide training in the form of simulated exercises... Your priority must be to ensure that your company and your CEO are ready to act when the moment comes to make crucial decisions, communicating coherently both internally and externally in order to provide information and restore confidence in a manner which is pragmatic, sustainable and well thought-out. 


Crisis simulation


In order to psychologically prepare key personnel for crisis situations, HAXXOM offers simulation exercises based upon one or more fully-customised scenarios.


Our situation exercises are always followed by debriefing sessions, allowing participants to share their thoughts, but also to work together to identify the key success factors which will enable them to respond as effectively as possible should a similar situation arise in real life.


HAXXOM's targeted interventions in the field of crisis management:

  • Designation of spokespersons, and provision of media training
  • Identification of essential monitoring tools and resources (web, TV, radio, press etc.)
  • Mapping potential crises and determining the likelihood of them arising
  • Determining the required resources
  • Psychological support (employees, families)
  • Simulation of crisis situations, in order to psychologically prepare the key players
  • Drafting of model questions/responses for different types of crisis
  • Selection of members for the crisis response cell, and distribution of roles
  • Drafting of crisis response strategies and standard documents

Our crisis management success stories

Client's requirements

Following a "chaotic" public response to a crisis situation, the directors of a medium-sized company asked us to help them select and train two spokespersons from their existing crisis response team.

HAXXOM's Solution

  • Interviews with all members of the crisis response cell
  • Pre-selection of 4 potential candidates, filmed interviews
  • Designation of the 2 spokespersons
  • Media training for normal and abnormal situations.

All of these training sessions are conducted by professional journalists with training in crisis management.

Client's requirements

A medium-sized firm asked us to construct a comprehensive crisis management strategy

HAXXOM's Solution

  • Selection of members for the crisis response cell, in collaboration with the company's CEO
  • Mapping of potential crises (direct and indirect)
  • Training for members of the crisis team, spokespersons, crisis cell coordinators and public relations teams
  • Drafting of crisis response plans, questions/answers and frameworks for official statements (internal and external) in response to different crisis scenarios
  • Crisis simulation exercise over a half-day session

Client's requirements

Training for public speaking in English, in response to a crisis situation

HAXXOM's Solution

Media training for the designated spokesperson, with an English-speaking journalist