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Business intelligence

Control of information is without a doubt the most important factor in the success of any company, whatever its size. In this context, business intelligence represents an effective strategic tool for the collection, analysis, utilisation, protection and sharing of information, essential priorities for any company or institution keen to control and secure its operating environment or boost competitiveness and performance.

For HAXXOM, the 3 pillars of business intelligence are:

  • the legal acquisition and processing of information: identifying the specific information you need to collect, then gathering, analysing, organising and, ultimately, using that data. All information are gathered from open sources

  •  protection of sensitive information against all forms of internal or external appropriation. In our globalized, hyper-competitive business world, it is now more important than ever to take effective, tailored measures to protect this crucial intangible asset.

  • influence on the environment (clients, suppliers, competitors, general public, institutions, local authorities, decision-makers, professional organisations etc.). This may take the form of pressure groups or targeted communication campaigns. 

Once you have formally defined your requirements, and before we make any commercial proposals, we conduct a preliminary analysis in order to ensure that our solutions will live up to your expectations. 


Experts in information management


Protecting, acquiring and sharing strategic information while rigorously adhering to ethical standards requires a great deal of know-how, judgement and analytical capabilities. That's why our business intelligence experts have a proven track record in intelligence gathering and analysis, in France and internationally, in all of the areas in which we operate.

HAXXOM combines a broad array of business intelligence specialists in a single platform, a breadth of talent which allows us to collect and aggregate data from different sources, all in the name of providing solutions precisely tailored to your requirements.


In an intensely competitive environment, spotting future evolutions in the market, obtaining a detailed understanding of rivals and their business, protecting sensitive data and developing effective influence strategies are all crucial to the continued growth of your company.


HAXXOM's targeted interventions in the field of business intelligence:

  • Veille et analyse stratégique (concurrents, fournisseurs, politique, réglementaire, produits)
  • Monitoring and strategic analysis (competitors, suppliers, political situations, regulations, products)
  • Setting up strategic monitoring systems within client companies, focusing on various key parameters (societal, environmental and political developments, media etc.)
  • Analysing company structures in order to obtain the following information:- Economic information
    - Ownership structure
    - Managerial and organisational structure
    - Market segmentation
    - Social climate
    - Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
    - etc.
  • Identifying reliable partners in France and internationally

  • Analysing personnel in order to obtain the following information:
    - Career history
    - Professional network
    - Ethical issues

  • Mapping the positioning of your competitors

  • Mapping networks of influence

  • Training on data protection regulations

Our primary areas of activity: France, Europe, Russia, Caucasus, Iran, Central Asia, South-East Asia, North Africa, Central Africa, Arabian Gulf

Our business intelligence services

Client's requirements

A mid-sized firm came to us looking to:

  • establish a comprehensive overview of their competitive environment
  • understand the strategies put in place by their 3 main rivals over the past 3 years.

HAXXOM's solution

  • Detailed mapping of competition (data from open sources)

  • Mapping of their strengths and weaknesses

  • Detailed analysis of the value chain and key success factors of all rivals

  • "Reconstruction" of the strategies put in place by the 3 main competitors

Client's requirements

A French company approached us looking to expand their activities in South-East Asia. With this goal in mind, the client asked us to verify the reliability of the partners and sub-contractors they had already short-listed.

HAXXOM's solution

Detailed analysis of the ethical standards and reliability of the short-listed companies and persons.

Client's requirements

Upon purchasing an existing business, the buyer soon realised that the former owner had founded a similar company with the help of a proxy, with the aim of "recapturing" some of the business of his former company.

HAXXOM's solution

In collaboration with the lawyers employed by the client:

  • Proof of the connection between the former owner and the proxy
  • Mapping of clients directly and indirectly approached by the former owner
  • Mapping of clients who had gone over to the new company indirectly founded by the former owner, in order to put a figure on the damages incurred.
  • Legal action

Client's requirements

Aware of the immense value of information as an intangible asset, the executive committee of a client company asked us to run awareness-raising activities for its managers (N-1).

HAXXOM's solution

Raising awareness of information protection issues among the company's managers (level N-1), with theoretical and practical work.