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Aviation security

Aviation security is a highly sensitive subject on account of the rigorous regulations in place. Infringements of these regulations are severely punished by the aviation authorities. When it comes to aviation security, the impact of malicious interference can have repercussions which compromise the whole future of your company. As we have seen on numerous occasions in recent years, the media and the general public have shown strong and growing concern in regard to such matters.


Experts equipped to deal with your airport security issues


In order to offer you the most effective solutions available, HAXXOM's airport security experts are all accredited by the relevant national and international civil aviation authorities (DGAC, OACI).


The aviation sector has virtually always been exposed to the risk of malicious interference. But these days the growing terrorist threat requires preventive security measures of the highest order.


HAXXOM's targeted interventions for Aviation security:

  • Basic and advanced training on air transport security, in compliance with all applicable regulatory obligations
  • Training on the use of security equipment: classic and automatic X-ray machines, metal detector gates, chemical detection systems, LEDs
  • Support with the drafting of security strategies, quality assurance policies and training plans
  • Creation of customised learning materials
  • Drafting of technical specifications
  • Support with the process of obtaining professional accreditations: authorized official, known consignor, approved supplier, known supplier
  • Monitoring the application of regulatory obligations with "mystery shopper" tests (attempted intrusions), attempts to bring in prohibited items

Our business intelligence services

Client's requirements

A foreign-based company operating locations with "authorized official" status in France approached us to conduct real-life tests of the regulatory protection measures in place.

HAXXOM's solution

  • Penetration tests on protected areas (runway side)
  • Introduction of suspect packages (with client's approval) in order to test the X-ray operators

Client's requirements

A French client asked HAXXOM to draft security and quality assurance policies, helping them to obtain "authorized official" status for several sites.

HAXXOM's solution

  • Security audit of the sites, and deployment of regulatory security measures
  • Training for different categories of employees
  • Drafting of security and quality assurance policies on the client's behalf
  • Assisting the client with the process of obtaining accreditation from the French civil aviation authority (DGAC)

Client's requirements

A company with "known supplier" status asked us to conduct quarterly security audits in order to ensure that all regulatory requirements were fully respected by all relevant parties.

HAXXOM's solution

  • Quarterly security audits covering all regulatory issues
  • Monitoring the necessary corrective measures