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You have plans to open an office or deploy staff in a sensitive zone, you need to check the effectiveness and implementation of security plans at your HQ, industrial facilities, port or airport facilities, you are concerned that there may be flaws in your security processes, you need to assess the reliability of your aviation security system or combat reported or suspected cases of fraud, you are faced with problems involving counterfeiting, bribery, corruption... The list is far from being exhaustive, because the risks faced by organisations today are increasingly numerous and complex.


Experts equipped to deal with your security and business intelligence issues

From the outset, HAXXOM has worked with major multinationals as well as mid-sized firms and SMEs.
Our expertise is broad and ever-evolving, and our skills have been put to the test in a wide array of environments with successful results.

Every company has its own culture, specialities and management style, and we take great care to tailor our services to these parameters in order to deliver the outcomes our clients want to see.


Adaptability, Innovation and Impact assessment: the three pillars of our methodology

  • Adaptability: an effective security strategy must be fluid and adaptable, capable of evolving in response to changes in the operating environment (political, economic, sociological, technological, environmental, legal etc.) in order to realise the company's strategic vision.

  • Innovation: when it comes to security, each strategic priority requires a sufficient dose of innovation and audacity, allowing your business to set itself apart from the competition.

  • Impact assessment: each and every decision implies behavioural changes which can affect the structural organisation of your company, with consequences which need to be anticipated and managed accordingly.


HAXXOM's areas of expertise:

Overall security

Business intelligence

Aviation security

International security

Crisis management