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Legal notices

Site details
Reg. No.: 803 518 521 Lyon
Legal status: Société par Actions Simplifiées
Siret: 803518521 00015
Capital: 5.000 euros
VAT code: FR 39 803518521
Adress: 33 rue de la République 69002 Lyon France
Telephone: +33 (0)4 26 64 22 75
Email: contact@haxxom.com
Director of publication: Jean-Jacques RICHARD


Conception du site
Name: Comme Une Image
Companies Register: Aix en Provence
Adress: 10 Cours Sextius , 13100 Aix en Provence
Telephone: 04 42 93 52 06
Email: info@comme-uneimage.com


Name: Quai 13
Capital: 50 250 €
Companies Register: Marseille
Code APE : 7 311Z
VAT code: FR42 1017 8000 2600 0002 5799 D20
Adress: 3 rue Elie Pelas, 13016 Marseille


General terms and conditions of use of this site and the services provided

By continuing to use the website www.haxxom.com you confirm your full and unreserved acceptance of the general terms and conditions of use described hereunder. These terms and conditions may be modified or expanded at any time, and as such users of the website www.haxxom.com are invited to consult them regularly.

In normal circumstances, this site should always be accessible to users. Nevertheless, HAXXOM may deem it necessary to interrupt this service for the purposes of technical maintenance. HAXXOM will endeavour to inform users of the date and time of scheduled maintenance operations in advance.

The website www.haxxom.com is updated regularly.. By the same token, these legal terms may be modified at any time: they shall nonetheless continue to apply to users, who are invited to consult them regularly in order to remain informed of any changes.


Description of services provided

The purpose of the website www.haxxom.com is to provide information regarding all of the company’s activities.

HAXXOM will endeavour to ensure that the website www.haxxom.com contains the most accurate information possible. Nevertheless, the company cannot be held responsible for any omissions, inaccuracies or out-of-date information, whether resulting from the company’s own actions or the actions of external partners providing such information.

All details found on the website www.haxxom.com are provided for information purposes only, and are liable to change. Furthermore, the information contained on the website www.haxxom.com is not exhaustive. This information may be updated and modified after publication online.


Intellectual property and counterfeits

HAXXOM owns all intellectual property rights, or else holds the relevant usage rights, to all of the content found on this website, specifically all text, images, graphics, logos, emblems, sounds and software.

Reproduction, representation, modification, publication and adaptation of all or part of the content of this website, irrespective of the format or procedure used, is forbidden without the prior written authorisation of: HAXXOM.

Any unauthorised use of this website or any of its component elements will be considered an act of counterfeit, and appropriate legal proceedings will be taken in accordance with the provisions of Article L.335-2 et seq. of the French Intellectual Property Code.


Protection of personal data

The information collected via our forms is digitally processed on behalf of the company HAXXOM and used for the following purposes: management of client relationships, communication, commercial development, promotional activities, statistical studies, surveys and polls. The data gathered via this website is intended to be used by the sales department, marketing and communication department and general management of HAXXOM.

In all circumstances, HAXXOM only collects the personal data of users for the purposes of certain services provided by the website www.haxxom.com. Users provide such information with full awareness of these conditions, particularly when entering information directly. Users of the website www.haxxom.com will be informed whether or not they are obliged to provide such information.

In accordance with the provisions of Article 38 et seq. of the Data Protection Act of 6th January 1978, all users have the right to access, modify and contest any personal information held regarding them. To exercise this right, please write to us at: contact@haxxom.com.

No personal information regarding users of the website www.haxxom.com will be published without their consent, nor exchanged, transferred, passed on or sold to third parties in any medium whatsoever. The transferral of this information would only be possible in the event of a change of ownership of HAXXOM. In such a scenario, the new owner would be bound by the same obligations to protect and modify data in relation to users of the website www.haxxom.com.

The aforementioned website has been registered with the CNIL under number 1999715.

The associated databases are covered by the provisions of the law of 1st July 1998, enacting Directive 96/9 of 11th March 1996 regarding the legal protection of databases.