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Latest News from HAXXOM

The latest news from HAXXOM, expert consultants on all issues of security and business intelligence.
You can also read our explanations on the latest security and business intelligence news on our blog.

HAXXOM unveils new official video

01/26/2018Visuel Film institutionnel 2018


HAXXOM is proud to present its new official presentation video.

Watch it now on our YouTube page


Crisis management training for a public hospital


Gestion de crise CHU


Over the course of two very intensive days, our team of experts provided hospital managers with training in the art of crisis management.

Thank you to HAXXOM’s experts for this very successful operation!


Find out more: our crisis management training options

New base line for the HAXXOM logo




HAXXOM has made a few changes to the base line of the corporate logo, as our business continues to expand internationally.

HAXXOM continues its international development



Singapour HAXXOMHAXXOM continues to expand internationally, opening a new office in Singapore.

The opening of our first permanent office outside France is a major step forward in HAXXOM’s strategy to deploy our range of specialist support services internationally.

Singapore provides the perfect base from which to cover the whole of South-East Asia.

More international offices are set to be announced in the coming months.


HAXXOM continues to grow

Associés HAXXOM10/10/2017


HAXXOM welcomes 2 new additions to its executive team:

Laurent DUMONT : Expert in intervention techniques and close protection

Charles VAPPEREAU : Expert in the prevention and management of risks and crises


Find out more: www.haxxom.com/en/who-are-we



HAXXOM expands it range of training courses

Catalogue formations HAXXOM10/10/2017


HAXXOM has expanded its range of training programmes. For full details, download the catalogue here


More information here: www.haxxom.com/en/our-training-programmes



Team building exercise: “Special Forces”



Team building Forces d'interventionHAXXOM has developed a unique team building exercise which gives participants the chance to experience a day in the life of a special intervention unit.

Step into the shoes of a special forces operative

Place a “bug” on a “target,” “tail” a suspect, search a “safehouse,” “bag” a potentially violent suspect, organise the “evac” of an injured operative, move safely through contaminated areas, gather “intel” using “tech” resources and the help of “sniper/spotter” pairs, launch an attack against armed enemies, free the hostages…

Just a few of the missions you may be asked to handle.

In order to meet your mission objectives, you’ll need to make full use of tactics and strategy and demonstrate your capacity for forward planning, leadership, organisation, team spirit, cool under pressure and crisis management…

More information here: www.haxxom.com/en/our-training-programmes/team-building/team-building-exercise-special-forces


HAXXOM supports L’Enfant Bleu

L'enfant bleu07/18/2017


HAXXOM is committed to supporting the campaign for child protection led by the charity L’Enfant Bleu, working day-in, day-out to help victims of abuse.

For over 25 years, L’Enfant Bleu has been working tirelessly to support children and adults who were victims of abuse or serious negligence in childhood, helping them to recover from the trauma and construct a full and fulfilling future.


More information here: www.enfantbleu-lyon.fr