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HAXXOM’s blog

The benefits of crisis simulations: putting theory into practice

11/20/2017 by Charles VAPPEREAU


Simulation de criseWhatever form they may take, crisis situations throw organisations into a state of uncertainty. There’s no way of predicting the date or scale of a crisis in advance, and the only effective tools at your disposal are forward planning and preparation.

Crisis prevention is all about identifying the risks and threats liable to affect the operations of your organisation, a crucial priority for your long term survival. Crisis prevention allows you to anticipate problematic situations and, often enough, to resolve the issues before they have the chance to become serious.

Nevertheless, no matter how well you plan and prepare, there is no such thing as a fool-proof system. The defining characteristic of crisis is its capacity to strike when least expected. And when a crisis arises, thorough preparation – by organisations, but above all by the women and men who make up those organisations – is the only way to minimise its scale and duration, and contain the unwanted consequences. Read more…

Islamist terrorism in South-East Asia

10/19/2017 par Charles VAPPEREAU


Carte Asie du sud-estThe announcement of the fall of Raqqa on 17th October, the de facto “capital” of the Islamic State in Syria, provides further evidence of the gradual and seemingly irreversible disintegration of the “caliphate” declared by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. But while the territorial reach of this terrorist organisation is shrinking rapidly, its leaders are refusing to surrender and continue to call for more terrorist atrocities all over the world.

While Western media attention has focused primarily on the threat to our countries, it is important to bear in mind that Europe, the Middle East and Africa are not the only parts of the world where Islamist terrorism is on the rise. Far from our back yard and the traditional theatres we are familiar with, the insidious menace of Islamist terrorism continues to spread to new parts of the world. Read more…

Security for business travellers

06/06/2017  par Jean-Jacques RICHARD


sûreté des voyageurs d'affairesGlobalisation has led to a sharp upswing in the total number of overseas business trips in recent years. But, as we all know, travel is never entirely risk-free, hence the importance of thorough preparation.

According to the American Express Global Business Travel report 2017 (GBT), business travel in Europe increased by 1% in 2016 and was expected to grow by a further 2.5% in 2017. Confirming the trend observed in 2015, the cost of travel has slipped down businesses’ list of priorities in favour of security, productivity and employee satisfaction. The same survey reveals that business trips are increasingly considered to be essential to companies’ continued development.. The proportion of respondents sharing this opinion jumped from 17% in 2014 to 45% in 2016. Read more…

POLICE : “12 388 policiers ont été blessés et six tués en 2015.” (Source : note de l’ONDRP)

RADICALISATION : “Dans la guerre contre le terrorisme, les services de police et de renseignement français ciblent environ 15.000 individus susceptibles de constituer une menace. Ces personnes sont recensées dans une base de données créée en mars 2015 : le Fichier des signalements pour la prévention de la radicalisation à caractère terroriste (FSPRT). Parmi celles-ci, 4.000 constituent “le haut du spectre”, c’est-à-dire les plus susceptibles de passer à l’action”. (Source : le JDD.Fr)

RADICALISATION : “Une dizaine d’enseignants considérés comme «potentiellement dangereux» par le ministère de l’Intérieur ont été suspendus ces derniers mois par l’Éducation nationale.” (Source : leFigaro.Fr)

TERRORISME : “La SNCF estime avoir perdu 300 millions d’euros en 2016 en raison des attentats perpétrés sur le sol français depuis l’an dernier. Ce manque à gagner viendrait d’une baisse de fréquentation des lignes européennes : les liaisons Eurostar, Thalys et Thello auraient ainsi enregistré 10 % de passagers en moins depuis le début de l’année.” (Source : FranceInfo.fr)

TERRORISME : “La justice envahie par les affaires de terrorisme : le nombre d’informations judiciaires ouvertes a bondi de 80 %. Le nombre de procès liés à des affaires de terrorisme devrait atteindre un chiffre record, estime le président du tribunal de grande instance de Paris. En prison, 250 détenus attendent d’être jugés pour des faits de ce type.” (Source : LCI.fr)

I founded HAXXOM to show that it’s possible to do things differently, to bring innovation and strategic vision to a sector which still remains a mystery to many people: security. My ambition is to make my own modest contribution to transforming the way businesses understand security, highlighting its importance as a source of added value.

Jean-Jacques RICHARD,
president of HAXXOM