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Charity work

Trees for Solidarity

In the spirit of solidarity and ecological responsibility, HAXXOM supports the work of the Notre-Dame Homeless Shelter with financial backing for the “Solidarity Tree” programme.


The project invites donors to sponsor trees, planted in public parks and gardens in and around Lyon. The aim is to support the Foyer Notre-Dame des Sans-Abri, a charitable association founded in Lyon in 1950, in their mission to provide shelter, accommodation, support and advice to people and families living in highly precarious circumstances.


More information here: www.fndsa.org

L’Enfant Bleu

L'enfant bleu18/07/2017

HAXXOM is committed to supporting the campaign for child protection led by the charity L’Enfant Bleu, working day-in, day-out to help victims of abuse.


For over 25 years, L’Enfant Bleu has been working tirelessly to support children and adults who were victims of abuse or serious negligence in childhood, helping them to recover from the trauma and construct a full and fulfilling future.


More information here: www.enfantbleu-lyon.fr