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Diagnosis and deployment of Business intelligence
& Security strategies


HAXXOM is a strategic consultancy firm specialising in security and business intelligence


We work with businesses of all sizes, public bodies, national and international institutions and NGOs, helping our clients to take appropriate preventive measures and protect their assets and interests against all forms of malicious activity.


We offer bespoke solutions to all your security strategy and business intelligence needs, in France and worldwide: overall security, business intelligence, aviation security, international security, crisis management, risk management, personal protection, outsourcing of security operations, training and awareness sessions for your teams.

HAXXOM, putting security at the heart of your development strategyment 


HAXXOM is a specialist security consultancy, working to facilitate your development
and optimise all aspects of your security and business intelligence processes:

Overall security

Business intelligence

Aviation security

International security

Crisis management


The HAXXOM blog - Latest post

The benefits of crisis simulations: putting theory into practice

11/20/2017 by Charles VAPPEREAU


Simulation de criseWhatever form they may take, crisis situations throw organisations into a state of uncertainty. There’s no way of predicting the date or scale of a crisis in advance, and the only effective tools at your disposal are forward planning and preparation.

Crisis prevention is all about identifying the risks and threats liable to affect the operations of your organisation, a crucial priority for your long term survival. Crisis prevention allows you to anticipate problematic situations and, often enough, to resolve the issues before they have the chance to become serious.

Nevertheless, no matter how well you plan and prepare, there is no such thing as a fool-proof system. The defining characteristic of crisis is its capacity to strike when least expected. And when a crisis arises, thorough preparation – by organisations, but above all by the women and men who make up those organisations – is the only way to minimise its scale and duration, and contain the unwanted consequences. Read more…

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