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Assessing, choosing and implementing
security & economic intelligence strategies

HAXXOM, a security and economic intelligence firm, works with companies of all sizes, local authorities, institutions and NGOs to safeguard and protect their interests in order to boost their growth.

We provide tailor-made solutions for your security and economic intelligence needs in France and abroad, including overall security, aviation security, international security, crisis management, risk management, security outsourcing and assistance, and training and education for your teams.

Security : the key to your growth strategies


The security consulting firm HAXXOM assists you in your development and is involved at every level of the security and economic intelligence process :

Overall security

Aviation security

International security

Crisis management

Team training

Blog - Jean-Jacques RICHARD's latest article

Le terrorisme islamiste en Asie du Sud-Est

Le terrorisme islamiste en Asie du Sud-Est 19/10/2017 par Charles VAPPEREAU   L’annonce de la chute de Raqqa, « capitale » syrienne de l’organisation État Islamique, le 17 octobre dernier, confirme le délitement progressif et, semble-t-il, irrémédiable du « Califat » d’Abou Bakr al-Baghdadi. Mais alors que l’emprise territoriale de l’organisation terroriste se réduit comme peau de chagrin, ses